A Simple Way to Stretch Mark Treatment

The appearance of body takes significant role for everyone especially for women even though it is not only for women. One of the problems faced by people related to body appearance is stretch mark. This condition requires stretch mark treatment. What is meant by stretch mark? It is a condition where your body, specifically in the part of your belly, is going to stretch. This kind of condition, of course, will make people to be unconfident because it will seem bad by others. Besides, there will be other problems such as you need more clothes larger than before, feel hard to sleep freely, sometimes feel hard to breath and hard to sit down for long time.  It is because your belly is getting bigger. But, above all, the appearance of your belly will be so bad, especially if you are really aware of it for your couple satisfaction. It can be caused by pregnancy, overweight, and so on.

To solve the problem caused by stretch mark, people try to find the best, simplest, and fastest way to carry out the condition. So, they try to get stretch mark treatment. Then, what is the best, simplest, and fastest way to treat stretch mark? Here are the ways how to get rid of stretch marks to treat it as follow.

First, some experts say that one of the simplest ways to treat stretch mark is by using moisturizer. Surely, it is not the ordinary moisturizer but the special one intended for treating the stretch mark. The difference between the ordinary with the special one lies on the composition made for it. Therefore, there will be more expensive than the ordinary one. Usually, one of the compositions contained on the moisturizer is lemonade. It is suggested to use it daily. You can read on the manual paper and follow the instruction. It can be used two times a day.

Second, some experts also suggests people to use Retine-A. Even though it is suggested by experts, in using this product, you cannot use it at random. It is highly restricted to be used by mother who is pregnant. It is because Retine-A has a composition which is made from retinoic acid. The element is dangerous for pregnant-mother since it can cause birth defect. Therefore, it is just recommended for people who are not pregnant.

Third, you are recommended to use vitamin E. Vitamin E is good to treat your stretch mark because it is relatively safety. It can be used by pregnant-mother and common people. As suggestion, the use of vitamin E should be done regularly. It aims to intensify the stretch mark treatments.

Those tips are intended for outside or surface treatment while for inner treatment, you can use some fruits. Some fruits contain much vitamin C. It is good for treating the stretch mark since it can cure the mark from inner side. The fruits that are good for this condition is just like orange, lemonade, and guava. You can change the way you consume it by mix it into juice and you can combine it with the outer treatment to get it faster.


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