Getting Rid of Stretch Marks from Weight Loss with Natural Home Remedies

When people are in weight loss program, they surely expect to get slimmer body without any side effects. But the extreme or rapid weight loss may trigger some problems, for example stretch marks. Surely, you do not want to experience it if you are in a weight loss program too. How can you get rid of stretch marks from weight loss? The following guideline will give some clues for you.

There are so many options out there to deal with stretch marks, including cosmetic surgery which requires you to spend a lot of money and also natural home remedies which are much more affordable and practical. Which one do you prefer? If you don’t have enough money for cosmetic surgery, natural home remedies are the most appropriate solution.

The mixture of almond oil and apricot is the first alternative to cope with stretch marks. You can make it to be a scrub by mixing six tablespoon of almond oil and two apricots by using blender. Use a small bowl to put this mixture and rub it on your skin for about three minutes. After that, please rinse your skin by using cool water before you apply your moisturizer. You can do it everyday unless you get some irritation.

Another option of natural home remedy is the mixture of jojoba, chamomile and lavender. Those three ingredients should be in the form of essential oil. You can use this mixture to reduce the appearance of scars on your skin. The composition to make this mixture should be 1:1:20 (lavender essential oil: chamomile essential oil: jojoba oil). Take a small amount of the mixture and then rub it to your stretch marks and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with cool water. Make sure to mix the ingredients based on the recommended composition to avoid irritation.