Let’s Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Stomach

To treat stretch marks on stomach, people can see from public figures. Actor, actress, and model are guide-figure (public figure) for many people. Some people follow the news about how they actor, actress, and model wear fashions, deal with lifestyles, and read the news about their daily activities. They are generally aware of their appearance because there are many people who keep an eye on them. Talking about stomach part, they have strict treatment for their body. For actresses who have been pregnant, they usually do certain treatments. Fans usually watch their activities on television, read from magazines, and etc.

How do actresses treat the stretch marks on stomach? We cannot generalize the way they treat their stomach. But there are some ways of treatment for it. First, they usually get certain diet program which is guided by experts. During diet program, they also do some exercises which are suggested and trained by instructor. Doing this kind of treatment cannot be done soon after women give birth to a baby. There should be at least one or two week(s) to do these activities. It is because the condition when women have given birth to a baby, they will be weak even to stand up from the bad.

In relation to the first choice, there is another way to treat the stretch mark. Second, you can use wheat germ oil. It is not usual oil. Its composition makes it good for stretch mark treatment especially for stomach part. To use it, you can pour it to your stomach and spread it by using your hand. In term of frequency, it is recommended to use it twice a day so that it will maximize the process of treatment. It is also safety to use since it does not have side-effect for everyone.

Some of them try to find other way such as tummy tuck. This is the third way chosen in this article. It is an operational way specifically an operation on someone’s abdomen. To do this treatment, people are forcefully to consult to doctor. This kind of treatment cannot be conducted by someone who is not expert on it since it deals with serious impact that can be resulted in by the operation process. It will require certain times to conduct the operation. Usually the doctor will do certain observation to patients before doing operation. From the observation, doctor then will see the data collected. After that, the doctor will analyze the data to determine the action that should be done to the patients. Finally, the operation will be decided to be done, postpone, or cancel according to the analysis process.

Those are some tips how to get rid of stretch marks on stomach. If you cannot choose one of those tips, then there is another tip to be offered. It is simpler even though the result cannot be as fast as the previous tips. Another tip is that by eating certain fruits routinely. The fruits should contain much vitamin C such as orange and lemonade. Hope you get your success in treating the stretch marks.