Weight Loss Stretch Marks Guide

Stretch marks can appear on skin as the effect of weight loss program and the scars will become more noticeable when someone loses some weight significantly. It happens due to the damage of collagen and elastin. How can we deal with it? Here are weight loss stretch marks guide.

Some Possible Solutions

One of the most recommended solutions to deal with stretch marks is skin exfoliation. On doing this treatment, the location of scar tissue and the level of severity should be well-considered. This is the method to remove the layers of dead skin and can be done at home by using baking soda or other commercial products.

Microdermabrasion becomes another possible option to cope with stretch marks. This option is helpful to remove top layers of the skin by shooting tiny and rough particles in it using a particular device. It will reduce the appearance of stretch marks when new skin grows.

Cream and lotion are beneficial too. Those can be found easily, but not all of them offer the great results. Please try the creams which are prescribed by dermatologist. He commonly recommends a cream which can increase the amount of collagen, so the skin would be more flexible as long as applied correctly.

Prevention Tips

Instead of finding some solutions, there are several steps people can do to get rid of stretch marks. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is the first important step, since it washed the toxins out from the body and keeps the skin hydrated. Surely, hydrated skin can stretch much better than the dry one.

Consuming healthy foods become the next important step. Please choose the foods which are rich in vitamin and protein to soften the skin. Don’t forget to exercise regularly. Do it at least twice or three times a week for healthier and softer skin.

In conclusion, stretch marks can’t be completely removed, but it can be avoided through a series of good habits for more flexible, softer and healthier skin. By following weight loss stretch marks guide above, scars on the skin won’t be a big problem anymore.